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 Sep 27  F2016: Withdraw from a course with 20% Tuition Refund ends (on-line) (after this date there are no refunds for withdrawals from courses)
 Sep 28  F2016: Withdraw from a course with 0% Tuition Refund begins (on-line)
 Oct 10  F2016: "I" grades from previous semester convert into "F"s (seventh week of the semester)
 Oct 10  F2016: Study Break starts
 Oct 16  F2016: Study Break ends
 Oct 17  F2016: First Mid-term Assesments Starts
 Oct 21  F2016: Third Payment Deadline (final 1/3 of total tuition is due)
 Oct 23  F2016: First Mid-term Assesments Ends