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Now is the fourth week of the SU1/2024 semester.


 Jun 16  F2024: Kurban Ait-KIMEP is closed
 Jun 16  SU1/2024: Scores submission period for the Second Mid-term Assesments Ends
 Jun 17  F2024: Advising starts
 Jun 27  SU1/2024: Last Day to Withdraw from a Course with grade of "W" (no refund)
 Jun 28  SU1/2024: Examination Period starts
 Jun 28  SU1/2024: Examination Period ends
 Jun 28  SU1/2024: Regular Semester Ends
 Jun 28  SU1/2024: Classes End
 Jun 28  SU1/2024: Final Assesment Starts
 Jul 02  SU1/2024: Diploma Distribution Starts
 Jul 05  SU1/2024: All grades officially submitted
 Jul 06  SU1/2024: Capital Day-KIMEP is closed
 Jul 07  SU2/2024: Registration Ends
 Jul 08  SU2/2024: Add/Drop period for regular courses starts
 Jul 08  SU2/2024: Classes Start
 Jul 09  SU2/2024: Add/Drop period for regular courses ends
 Jul 10  SU2/2024: Withdraw from a course with 0% Tuition Refund begins (on-line)

Bachelor's Year of Study

Credits earned
1th Year student 0 to 30
2th Year student 31 to 68
3th Year student 69 to 106
4th Year student 107 and up
Total credits to graduate 146


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