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 Dec 10  S2022: Registration for 1st year Undergraduate and Non degree students upon submission of original documents certifying high school/higher education begins at 10:00 (1/3 payment + Student Activity Fee + Medical Fee (once a year) are required prior to registration for upcoming semester)
 Dec 14  F2021: Classes End
 Dec 14  F2021: Last Day to Withdraw from a Course with grade of "W" (no refund)
 Dec 15  F2021: Examination Period starts
 Dec 15  F2021: Final Assesment Starts
 Dec 16  F2021: Independence Day KIMEP is closed
 Dec 17  F2021: Independence Day KIMEP is closed
 Dec 28  F2021: Examination Period ends
 Dec 28  F2021: Regular Semester Ends
 Dec 28  S2022: Registration for non-degree students (who did not submit Authentic documents) begins at 10:00 (100% payment for all courses + Student Activity Fee are required)
 Jan 01  S2022: New Year's Day-KIMEP is closed
 Jan 02  S2022: New Year's Day-KIMEP is closed
 Jan 04  F2021: All grades officially submitted

Bachelor's Year of Study

Credits earned
1th Year student 0 to 30
2th Year student 31 to 68
3th Year student 69 to 106
4th Year student 107 and up
Total credits to graduate 146


Новости Министерства Образования

Now is the fifteenth week of the F2021 semester.